Akamai Investments, Inc.: Property owner and developer on Maui Hawai'i in partnership with Rachel Nack. Current projects include development of vacation rental properties with high speed communications access for holiday and corporate use.
  Akamai 9: Motorsports and motor enthusiast services in Maui, Hawai'i including rental of high performance and specialty automobiles in partnership with Mavrik Motorcycles (Harley Davidson and other big bike rentals).
  The Andres Institute: A not for profit educational institute founded to advance the state of technology in the arts. John Weidman, Director. Studio in Brookline, NH.
  B4 (Big Bear Buffet & Bingo): This project involves the renovation of the Big Bear ski lodge in Brookline, NH into a rental function hall designed for charitable organizations to run their fundraising activities. The hall will include bar and dining facilities as well as state of the art gaming equipment.
  ExF Consulting, Inc.: A NH based company which offers web hosting, custom web design, desktop publishing, computer sales, repairs, and upgrades.
  JSI: Technology transfer and marketing assistance through offices in New York, Tokyo and Beijing.
  MODTAP / Molex Premise Networks: Mr. Andres was a founding member of MOD-TAP, a manufacturer of physical layer information transport products for the voice, data, LAN and video. The owner management team built this company into an international organization with revenues of $80,000,000 and has operations in 14 countries. In 1995, MOD-TAP merged with Molex, a $1.5 billion manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors. As of July 1999 Mr. Andres is no longer active in this organization.
  Noyes Fiber Systems: Test equipment for optical fiber channels used in public and private networks.
  Old Stone Barn LLC / Highland Springs, Inc.: Located in the Mount Manadnock area of New Hampshire, this property was originally part of the Cheney estate (founder of American Express). In addition to a 40,000 sq. ft. building of historical significance, the property has 2 wells producing over 900 liters per minute of spring certified water. Development plans include a papeline (easement granted) and loading station on NH Highway 101.
  Textware Solutions: Expert system software for high speed entry of complex or repetitive information such as medical transcription or legal documents.
  Twin Throw Industries: Manufacturer and marketer of Snach'Em, a two handed throwing game.